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Rita Dean

Cleaner Pest Control – Human Pest Repellers

It’s true that a city is not a “natural” environment, but it is an urban environment with its own complex ecosystem! Additionally, a city cannot exist/survive with a natural environment. Where does the material to build the skyscrapers come from? Steel is man made but its sub components are natural resources. The food that feeds the city comes from the environment. The waste the city generates is dumped in the environment. And you may feel that you can’t do anything or your actions don’t affect anything, but millions of people share that view, and millions of people can have a harmful impact. If everyone of you adopts small lifestyle changes, such as using less plastic waste, then we can do something! And of course, this is a hard journey- you can’t cut plastic completely, but every little step counts! On that same level we find that most pest removal and pesticides are extremely harmful to the environment. Using things like best ultrasonic pest repeller would be a great way for us to reduce our impact on Earth.

Better Environment Better Future

I understand what you’re saying, and if everyone followed along it would help to a degree. But the real problem is heavy industry, which isn’t going anywhere. A long term fix requires cleaner energy and preserving the actual “natural” environment and less expansion of urban environment.

In the meantimes USA is feeding our own children with glyphosate found in corn, cotton, wheat, and anything with high fructose corn syrup. Even organic food cannot escape trace ammounts. But it’s good to diverse attention to a different country so we can feel sorry for someone else. It is happening here. And Monsanto thanks to Clintons and friends is escaping any punishment.

Plenty of science and peer reviewed research out there showing the damage glyphosate causes. It’s better to err on the side of caution where health is concerned. I say no to glyphosate in my food. Those in favour of it can have my share. Enjoy your poison dose!

Can Someone Make Claims 30 Years later?

I just don’t understand how someone can make claims 30 plus years later.. it hasn’t been a problem all this time and all of a sudden it’s an issue? I don’t understand how most claims are validated after so long.. being scared is one thing but living your entire life without issue and now it’s life changing? Sorry. But I can’t. The whole situation is ridiculous! The government is nothing but a bunch of he said she said five year olds.

Especially if someone feels they won’t be believed or that it will impact their life in a negative way which it has for most. Just because they havnt said anything for years doesnt mean it hasnt been an issue for them for years.

1) She was in therapy for over a decade after the incident.
2) She never reported it out of fear of not being believed, shame that it happened, and fear of social reprisal
3) She came forward when his name hit national attention and felt obligated to say something to his character.

Do you say the same thing when victims of sexual assault by priests come forward years or decades after they were assaulted? I’m guessing no. Dr Ford has sacrificed a lot for this. Her family has received hundreds of credible death threats, she has sacrificed her mental health, her professional reputation, she’s had to move her family due to being under threat of attack in her own home. She’s not doing this for attention, or fame, or money. She came forward because she saw a man that she knew to be a sexual predator and alcoholic being considered for a Supreme Court Justice seat.

Honestly it doesn’t matter at this point, it is mute. It’s been way to long and action should have been taken there. Documents providing her therapy sessions needs to be provided showing that’s what therapy was for, etc. if she’s going to go public now when he’s about to take a major seat then all the air needs to come out. I’m. It up here to debate I’m giving my opinion.

Being able to tell your story and possibly be believed is healing. Also if you have been in therapy, a therapist will suggest that this is part of the healing process as well as a way to help others who may have been hurt by this same person. I truly believe she thought she would get a fair investigation. Speaking from experience, it takes a long time and sometimes never before a victim is prepared to face her/his assailant.

Saudi Arabia Twitter Fight With Canada

Before pointing out about human rights to other countries, Canada first should look after indigenous peoples that for hundreds of years their land forcefully taken and still continue, women and children disappears and they are discriminated in school and other places. It looks that Canada have blind eyes for their own problems.

It’s politic, just push the ball and make the noise.

I don’t approve human right violation anywhere, but, Canada has a lot to do before pointing to anyone else.

Why are we imposing our socio-political values on a country that bears no resemblance to our own? Are we so morally superior that all others ought to bow down before us and bask in our angelic glow?

I’m middle eastern, even though (not a Saudi) but lives in Saudi Arabia… Anyhow, yes i admit our society has it’s flaws, and some of the cultural principles are weird to begin with, but really thank you for pointing out that no one is morally superior than the other, and i could swear that here women are treated way better than men, i swear they can break a queue to get their stuff done and no one would mind, cars will stop to let women cross the road (if a man, he would wait for ever), they are working just as fine and even find jobs faster than males, all im saying maybe the people here don’t really need that kind of activities because i can loudly assume that most women here don’t really want that type of activities.

These are Western driven ideals expressed at a time when the West was the preeminent power. The West isn’t what it once was, although still formidable. But not everyone aspires to these ideals.

These ideals have been in use for such a tiny fraction of human history. If you were to look at just about any time frame in human history, you would not conclude that these ideals were practiced.

Everyone should concentrate on their own affair, look interfering after interfering where the world has come too. We have enough problems here concentrate on that, instead of ordering others.